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Welcome to The name is basically a joke: the black dog in the logo is mine, and I do not race. I DO take my cars to the track as often as I can.

The black dog in the logo is Rick my second Portuguese Water Dog. My first was Pete who lived 14 years, 12 of them blind and all of them happy. Rick lived 6 years and eventually died of a cardiac tumor. Turbo, the third Water Dog, died at age 4 of a malabsorption disorder. After 3 genetic problems in a row my wife and I are over Portuguese Water Dogs. Too bad; they are lovable clowns but with a mind of their own. We now have two female Weimaraner pups who were born September 16, 2017. The are 60 and 67 pounds and have amazing amounts of energy. My wife and I let them run in a large fenced area 2-3 times a day, which helps burn off some (but not all) of the energy. There are some recently posted photos of the pair in the Photos section.

Currently I have 4 track cars (which is stupid). They are a 1992 turbocharged Mazda Miata, a 2005 C6 Corvette with headers and exhaust upgrades and making 400 rear wheel horsepower, a 2007 C6 Corvette with a new GM crate LS engine making 500 bench hp, and a 2002 Honda s2000 with suspension and multiple other upgrades. In the past I have also run a 2000 C5 Corvette that met an untimely end at a concrete barrier at PBIR, and occasionally a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X which was highly modified and made 632 all wheel hp and which I wadded up on a wet road on the way to Sebring.

The 2007 C6 is in the shop after an engine failure. It threw a rod through the engine block, leaving an jagged 3 inch hole. Impressive but unfortunate. I expect it to be fast once it is running. It will have a GM LS crate engine making around 500 hp.

The turbo Miata has finally been repaired after another fluke. I lost some power at Sebring and pulled it in to figure it out. We pulled the plugs and found on one plug the outside electrode (the L-shaped one) was essentially gone. It didn't vaporize as I hoped, instead it broke off and went through the cylinder and then the turbo. That little chunk of metal took out the engine and the turbo. That's two failures in a row where I didn't do anything wrong. I suppose that's comforting. In any case it is ready to go. It's been dynoed at around 300 hp. New larger injectors are on order and that should push it up near 400 hp. The Miata was very, very fast and surpised a number of Porsches. It is also harder to drive. It ran solidly until the 6th session Sunday morning when I blew the transmission. Its back in the shop but should be out on the track soon.

On the other hand, the 2005 orange C6 was entirely my fault. I got loose in the 3-4-5 complex at Sebring and hit a tire wall at about 60 mph and crashed the front driver side. A photo is also under Wrecks and Other Badness. The black strips are racing tape holding the door panel and fender together. There was significant suspension and steering rack damage and it took some time and some bucks to get it back on the track. There was a bright side, however. We took the torque tube out and put it into the black 2007 C6 which put it back on the track until the engine failure (above). The orange C6 has been uder repair for months but it is now almost ready to go. I plan to drive it on the street and use it occasionally as a backup track car.

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