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Track Cars My current track cars are a 2007 C6 Black Corvette, a 2005 C6 Daytona Orange Corvette, a 1992 turbocharged Miata and a 2002 Honda s2000.
Tracks  Rainbow over the front straight at Sebring
Cole  Cole is the current Blackdog; at the moment he is actually the Blackpup.
Rick  Rick was the original Blackdog. He died at 6 1/2  years of a congenital cardiac abnormality.
Camber & Tow 5 months  Camber and Tow 5 months
Camber& Tow 8 months  Camber & Tow 8 months. Camber has the black collar; Tow the blue.
Wrecks and Other Badness   This Lexus ISF hit the left wall on the front straight at Sebring. It had stopped raining but the painted Start-Finish line, which is notoriously motophagus, was slick enough to help cause this crash. The car spun and hit the left wall nearly head-on, moving the wall over a number of feet to the fence, and closing the track for repairs. I had followed him through turn 17 and he pointed me by on the front straight. I went by and saw the last part of the crash in my rearview.
Crack Black Dog Racing Support Team
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Track Cars
Camber & Tow 5 months
Camber& Tow 8 months
Wrecks and Other Badness
Crack Black Dog Racing Support Team
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