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Track Videos

Training Videos

Homestead-Miami Road Course
Turbo Miata, with turns labeled. Ends
with a tire-shredding spin in Turn 10

Daytona International Speedway

two + laps with turns labelled
John Dean's #16 MX-5

Palm Beach International Raceway
4 laps with turns labelled
2000 Lingenfelter Corvette

Sebring Track Training Video

one lap+, turns labelled, Miata

Sebring Track Training Video
several laps, turn
s labelled
2000 Lingenfelter Corvette

Recent Videos

Sebring 4-14-13 Miata

David H. (Chin Chief Instructor) takes
the turbo Miata out for a few laps

Sebring 8-18-12  Miata

In which I do a double spin in Turn 1

Sebring 8-18-12  Miata
In which I have a fun session in the
rain and then run out of gas.

Sebring 10-13-13  Miata
Heather Drifts through the Hairpin
(accidentally, but with style)

Older Videos

Homestead-Miami Modified Road Course

Turbo Miata (first track day)

Palm Beach International RacewayTraining Video

4 laps, with turns labelled

PBIR  9-22-12  Miata
In which I meet a tire wall at PBIR

Sebring 10-1-11 Corvette


Homestead-Miami  1-7-12  Miata

Homestead-Miami  2-26-12 Miata

 Sebring  3-25-2012  Miata

      Lead-Follow with Jim Blasdell

Sebring  3-25-2012 Miata

Homestead-Miami  5-19-12  Miata
     banked oval T3-T4 in the rain. I meet a genius in a Porsche

Homestead-Miami  5-20-12  Miata
     banked oval T3-T4

Sebring 5-26-12 Miata  
     I meet a Panoz with an asshole inside

Sebring 6-24-12 Miata 

     first SmartyCam video

 Sebring 7-14-12  Evo X

          SmartyCam video with full overlay;  pretty neat.

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