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C6 Corvette brake caliper failure

This is the inside of the driver's side front wheel from my black C7 Corvette. During a session at Sebring in early March I noticed that the car seemed to be pulling to the left under hard braking. It felt like one side was gripping earlier than the other. We went over the car in the pits several times as the pulling got worse and was now accompanied by a vibration. The pads and rotors seemed fine. Eventually the problem got severe enough that in the braking zone of Turn 7, the hairpin or hotel turn, it pulled me left onto the grass and into a spin. Fortunately I spun in the runoff and didn't hit anything.

Back in the pits we pulled the wheel and found this. We also found the middle caliper bolt (of 3) had backed out of it's socket. This caused both the problems: the loose bolt deeply scored the inside of the rim and produced the vibration, while the loose caliper caused the uneven brake action that led to the spin.

A photo of the wheel is in the Wrecks and other Badness section.

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