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May 24, 2017:   I have finally grown weary of modifying my Home page with changes and updates. Starting today, I will post updates and changes here. To bring you up to speed, at this time: 

The s2000 is running strong. No mods anticipated.  

The 2005 C6 is still in the shop
  although I have hopes it will be ready soon    

The 2007 C6 is waiting wiring harnesses. The engine is in the shop and will go in directly after the wiring. With luck it will be ready in a week or three.

The turbo Miata is in the shop with a blown transmission. After lots of discussion we decided to put in another standard transmission and see how long it lasts. Upcoming upgrades are bigger wheels and wider tires, as well as larger injectors and an increase in boost. This should bring it to 400 rwhp. This should all happen in the next few weeks.

May 30, 2017:  The track day at PBIR went well. The Miata turned up with 17 inch wheels and wider tires. The handling was outstanding, and the acceleration was great. The car handles MUCH better with lighter steering and excellent grip and it is wicked fast. An otherwise perfect day was marred when I got sideswiped in Turn 10. Only some wrinkled sheet metal and an abraded rim. All should be ready for NASA at Sebring this weekend. Pictures of the new Miata are posted under Track Cars

July 13, 2017: My last track day was 2 weeks ago at PBIR. I ran the turbo Miata all day and (Miraculously!) the transmission held up. Toward the end of the day I was pushing harder, especially compressing the braking zones and knocking seconds off my time. Toward the end of the last session of the day I over cooked it coming into Turn 10 at the end of the long straight, locked the brakes up and flat-spotted the left front tire. No ABS in this car. The tires were already more than 1/2 worn and are replaced with a new set of Hankook Ventus C51. I strongly recommend these tires: the grip is similar to Hoosiers, but they last 2x as long and cost 2/3 as much. Next track day is this coming Sunday at Sebring and I will have Terry Earwood coaching. I am looking forward to it.


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